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A Creative Philosophy

At the age of 33 I graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Entrepreneurship. From the University of Central Florida.

I have a blend of intellectual curiosity and global know how. Rooted in exploring life’s deep questions.

While developing strategies for high performance. They serve as the floor of my decade long creative ventures.

Roots in Orlando

Following graduation, I felt a pull to make a meaningful impact in the community.

I found myself at the same elementary school in Orlando that my Dad and many family members had attended.

For three years, I dedicated my time to working with students, specifically in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math.

A STEM Garden Oasis

In the heart of a food desert. I built 16 raised garden beds. In a 40ft by 25ft space on campus.

This space became more than just a garden. It was a safe space for learning and growth. For students ranging from Pre-K to 5th grade.

We cultivated plants. We sowed seeds of compassion, environmental service, and healthy decision-making skills.

Entrepreneurship and Knowledge

Our efforts went beyond philosophy. They reinforced values and information. Necessary for facing the struggles of the 21st century.

Through collaboration with our environment. Students learned the value of compassion, entrepreneurship, and making reasonable choices.

For a healthier and more sustainable future. This garden was a living laboratory of growth. Both personal and botanical.

Creative Health and Literacy

Orlando Health a project sponsor reported an 82 percent increase in health literacy. Among my students over three years.

This not only showed the power of the garden in promoting wellness but also spotlighted the impact of innovative teaching methods.

Lift Orlando another sponsor wrote in their 2018 report that I had laid the groundwork for a promising future for my students.

A Springboard to New Visions

My experiences in Orlando, alongside my academic background, served as a springboard for what was to come.

The impact I made on young minds sparked a drive for new horizons. In pursuit of my vision. To own an audio-visual creative media company.

This led me to embrace the first wave of The Great Resignation.

Letstalkbeats Inc. Takes Flight

In January of 2021 officially launched Letstalkbeats Inc. This small business aimed to bridge the worlds of creativity and philosophy.

Offering education and licensing services to up and coming artists. With my entrepreneurial skills and unwavering faith. I ventured into uncharted territory.

Faith and Loved Ones

Fueled by the power of faith, a wealth of experiences, boundless imagination, and the support of my loved ones.

I found the courage to take on new challenges. This support network combined with my academic journey and community involvement, continued to be a driving force. Behind my philosophy of growth and excellence.

Final Thoughts

My story is one of transformation, community impact, and daring to dream. From philosophical inquiries to entrepreneurship studies.

From maintaining gardens to launching a creative media venture. I’ve embraced these phases of life with intention and purpose.

As I move forward, I’m reminded that the seeds I’ve sown will continue to blossom, creating a legacy of growth, increase, and sharing a lot of love in the land of the living.

Justin David
Creative man • Philosopher • Artist • Producer



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