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Thanks a ton for coming over to letstalkbeats.com. Colorful music that helps you tell a fantastic story. This site is for content producing entrepreneurs interested in licensing the highest quality sonically adapted beats in this internet era. If you hear something you like and need more info send us a message @Letstalkbeats or @rareformdome .

Letstalkbeats Digital Initiative

Stay on beat with our Letstalkbeats digital initiative on the below platforms. Letstalkbeats Instagram coming 2021.

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  • 1. Click the tracks in the playlist to listen
  • 2. Click the cart icon to view license options
  • 3. Select a license and add it to the shopping cart
  • 4. On the checkout page enter your info and pay
  • 5. Instantly download beats and receive an email purchase receipt with download links
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Create a Make an Offer form in Contact 7. Add the shortcode in the Customizer under Overlay Window Settings

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New videos uploaded weekly on our Letstalkbeats YouTube channel. with additional content added at our leisure.


Can You Find These Beats Anywhere Else?

4 complimentary beats + 4 MP3 Licenses. No purchase required. MP3 License terms and conditions apply. Add details below

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Letstalkbeats QuickDownload℠

We're glad you've stopped by. Download beats with the Letstalkbeats website. New Beats added weekly. Use Letstalkbeats Quick Download℠ on the Letstalkbeats Website® to download your beats and access your files quickly when you need them from virtually anywhere.

Letstalkbeats QuickServices℠

Digital audio and video strategic communication services are available to you here and now. Save a search else where and better adapt to music in the internet era. Letstalkbeats QuickServices℠ are here to help you tell your fantastic story while keeping your digital initiative growing and on beat.

  • Letstalkbeats QuickMixing℠

    Letstalkbeats QuickMixing℠

    Get your song mixed then mastered on a digital ssl console with Letstalkbeats QuickMixing℠

  • Letstalkbeats QuickKeyword℠

    Letstalkbeats QuickKeyword℠

    Videos that rank highly drive growth on YouTube with our Letstalkbeats KeywordReport℠

  • Letstalkbeats QuickVerses℠

    Letstalkbeats QuickVerses℠

    Save a trip to note book writer block in the internet era with oour Letstalkbeats 10BarVerses℠


Frequently Asked Questions.

What are complimentary beats?

Complimentary beats are free instrumentals that we supply to our clients free of fee at terms we set.

What are licensed beats?

Licensed beats are beats that can be used by a client for a fee based on terms sets in our license agreements.

How much are custom beats?

For now just email me. Make an offer functionality for beats in our store coming soon.

What file formats do you offer?

We offer 48 kH 256 kbps MP3 | AAC | 16 Bits and 24 Bits per sample WAV file formats.

Can You Find These Beats Anywhere Else?

4 complimentary beats + 4 MP3 Licenses. No purchase required. MP3 License terms and conditions apply. Add details below


We enjoy putting together sounds . Grateful to be here to create something awesome . that can help our clients find proper pace and rhythm . achieving their milestones concerning music in the internet era . thanks a ton for stop’n by . Peace in .

Arden Lofi

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Send us a message if you have questions.

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