Feel free to download the above complimentary wallpapers to your device by tapping the images. Or you can tap the button below to instantly download the complimentary 2020 wallpaper pack that is a zip file to has the above 7 wallpapers plus an additional 6 wallpapers. A total of 13 custom wallpapers. Thats a wallpaper for every month plus 1. Enjoy!

Complimentary 2020 Wallpaper Pack

On Mobile: 2020 Wallpaper Pack Download Guide – (iPhone 10 and up)

Step 1 – Tap the above button.

Step 2 – Start the download process.

Step 3 – Head over to your files folder.

Step 4 – Extract the files in the .zip.

Step 5 – Save the images to your Photos then tap on an image.

Step 6 – Tap the rounded square with the arrow facing north.

Step 7 – The image you want will be selected.

Step 8 – To set this image as your wallpaper scroll down and tap “Use as Wallpaper”.

Step 9 – Tap turn “Zoom Off” (the gray circle in the middle of cancel and set), use your thumbs to scale the image, move it up just a notch,  and center the logo.

Step 10 – Tap “Set” pick from the three options and your ready to go.

Congratulations on downloading and setting up your custom wallpaper!

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