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Keep Reading To Learn More About Genre Specific Tags

Welcome, you are now reading soundcloud profile music genre specific tag guide brought to you by letstalkbeats.com where we highlight essential insights you need to know so you can better adapt to music in the internet era.

I’m your author @rareformdome and this posts learning objective is to share some information on editing and choosing the best tags for your tracks uploaded to soundcloud.

For our bench mark example we are going to reference some of the tags from Arden Lofi the architect of philosophicalofi’s Soundcloud Pro Profile.

Arden Lofi Soundcloud Pro Page Image

Editing Genre Specific Tags On Soundcloud

Now, I am going to share with you the process used to edit and optimize the tags, so they properly fit the mood and genre of the tracks. You will be able to follow along and later apply and adapt this method to work best for your style and genre.

On soundcloud you can find were tags can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon beneath the audio player.

From there we are redirected to the basic info. Here is where you will decide on a genre or custom genre, and additional tags. Be sure to add all of your relevant tags. For example, if your genre is lofi then make a mindful effort to select specific tags such as “relaxing lofi music” over broad tags such a “lofi”.

How Many Tags Are Enough For My Soundcloud Tracks

For those of you who are justing getting started, focus on getting 10 tags and build from there up to 30 tags.  If you are wondering why only 30 and not 500? The reason is because Soundcloud set the maximum number of additional tags at 30.

When it comes to tags for your tracks you want that information to be relevant and genre specific. The reason for this is the algorithms on the platforms people search and find your music suggest tracks to those new users and potential listeners based off a system of relevant tags.

Feel free to experiment and try them out yourself. If your genre is not lofi then study the tag structure and adjust the descriptive tags according to your specific genre. Jazz musicians could use something like #essentialjazz which is nice and descriptive instead of simply using #jazz. Below is an example of Arden Lofi’s music genre specific tags.

Take Your Time When Monitoring Your Tags

In addition, when reaching listeners; genre tags are necessary to appear on any relevant charts. This can be very important to monitoring a project’s life cycle or identifying where tag adjustments need to be made. Remember this takes time and results are not typically over night. Be patience and consistent while diligently monitoring your tags.

[Bonus insight: it is important to match the first tag to one of the top categories for your genre on the charts.]

Furthermore, the benefit of setting a custom genre tag is in its uniqueness. Sub-genre and mood tags help describe your tracks in more depth. This is where you can experiment and exercise your right to be creative. It is wise to keep it relevant and simple and use no more than 30 tags per album, track, ep, or playlist.

Just think if you have 10 tags per track and you have 50 tracks thats a massive total of 500 tags. If you are thinking thats a lot. Then you’re right it is however the good news for you is that you dont need to have 500 different tags.

As the internet grows vanity metrics become meaningless by the moment. Nevertheless, it comes down to your tracks showing up at the right place and right time in searches. Relevant tags are a useful way to make sure your songs dont get lost in the cloud.

Final Thoughts On Soundcloud Music Genre Tags

Moving forward taking these insights into considerations will help keep you on track. With this little bit of knowledge in your tool kit you will be well on your way to properly optimizing the tags of your tracks in a manner that increases the likeliness your songs reach the maximum number of listeners over time.

These strategizes work well across platforms with the necessary adjustments made to fit the needs and requirements.

As always, it’s a pleasure. Tight work joining the journey towards a better understand of ourselves, each other, and the music we love to produce and share at the apex of music in the internet era. Looking forward to next time lord willing. Until then have a super time tagging your tracks and thanks a ton for reading. Peace in.

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