Simple Introduction On Song Copyrights

Let’s talk about what is a song copyright.

Copyright law is powerful. According to Richard Stim an attorney who specializes in intellectual property law.

A song copyright establishes ownership of a song. It allows exclusive rights owners the ability to sets in place private property no trespassing signs on our intellectual property.

In his lecture What is a song copyright? from Music Law: Copyrighting a Song by Richard Stim he teaches students that a song copyright turns a song into a commodity.

Important Copyright Insights

• register with copyright.gov
• register catalogs with performance rights organizations (ascap.com)
• digitals rights administrators (themlc.comsoundexchange.com | songtrust.com)
• distribute songs worldwide (distrokid.com)
• non-exclusive sales
• non-exclusive licenses for their songs via their own websites (letstalkbeats.com)
• savvy entrepreneurs, online content creators, and well-structured organizations looking to license songs.
• up to 1x – 10x returns for each individual song.

There are newly emerging markets and opportunities for song copyright owners.

This is important for two reasons given the current state of affairs locally and globally.

Firstly, occurring in real time right before our eyes, there is an increase with the general public in the united states time spent with copyright owner’s intellectual property online.

For example, time spent hearing songs online in digital ads, ecommerce shopping experiences, and other user experiences.

The fact of the matter is all of the above-mentioned ways people are engaging more require a license from the song copyright owner.

Secondly, new user submitted and generated original content at seeming light speeds is being uploaded and shared on web applications and platforms.


For example, platforms like YouTube and Twitch allow users to upload videos they cut and edit. Often these videos have background music. Which absolutely requires a license from the copyright owner.

Important Copyright Data

The data shared below further supports the notion that intellectual property and song copyrights on the internet are very relevant today.

Data gathered from statista.com helps us to get greater insight on daily time spent with video content on television and digital devices.

Since 2013, daily time spent with video content among adults in the united states on televisions in minutes has dropped negative 25.2%.

While daily time spent by the same group and region of the world on digital devices has grown 137%.

In 2013 users watched about 270 minuets of television. Now that number is around 202 and decreasing.

Users watched about 46 minutes of video content in 2013 on digital devices now that number is roughly 109 minutes.

The data above is a strong indicator that song copyrights moving forward will continue to grow and increase.

Spacetime will tell what this means for song copyright owners. Thanks a ton for stoping by and reading.


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