Order’Of’The’Day | 10 Bars | @rareformdome

Oct 22, 2020 by jdthepublisher - 0 Comments

Thanks a ton for stopping by insight welcomed, let’s get busy check it…

on the menu . wack emcee . order’of’the’day .
eat’n with bare hands . in a well mannered way .

big secret . to the uninitiated . outside dah’beltway .
what rare write ignights like bic lighters’n’hairspray .

burn’n bridges . shatter’n alpha’numeric’displays .
verses on servers . leave’n radio’active’decay .

loveies love rare Massachusetts to Bombay .
grandmah said baby the most high makes da’way .

Grandpa taught me over charge em never pay .
habits die hard new obstacles in + out the maze .


. peace in

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