Madam Say’n Yes | 12 Bars

Oct 13, 2020 by jdthepublisher - 0 Comments

Thanks a ton for stopping by insight welcomed, let’s get busy check it…

Delta MD-88 Jet head’n Mid-West .
rareformdome far from home no rest .
travel’n alone lil homie limits the stress .

flight attendant serve’n madam say’n yes .

while she pours rare’ah’double’dewars neat .
energy like im the last man she’d ever see .
we both live’n . rare fit in business class seats .

land’n safe after 2 hours nice to meet ya .
in the mind not the present nor ya features .

run’n back theory . wack emcees on bleachers .
Sweat’n like a preacher for service on easter .
Celebratory trips villas off Papeete Polynesia 

– rareform

. peace in .

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