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Let’s talk about what is a song description by starting with the example below.

Colorful Music that tells a fantastic story you can relax and chill to. Creative entrepreneurs gamers, streamers, content creators license this composition for a FEE on our website. Please Listen, enjoy, and share to Support! (Open Description for More Information and Links)

Song Title – Worthwhile

Owner – @Letstalkbeats @jdthepublisher

Author – @rareformdome

License this beat on our website!

Artwork @luicumari


Main Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/letstalkbeatsinc

(On the Road to Growing Our Channel to Earn Our Custom URL)

Twitter https://www.twitter.com/letstalkbeats


Letstalkbeats Inc. © 2021 All Rights Reserved

Taking the time to strategically organize a song description is worth the extra effort. In the above example the song is described in a variety of ways.

  • It describes the song visually by calling it colorful music.
  • It describes some desired head spaces for listeners.
  • It describes listeners the song is intended to attract.
  • It describes for qualified listeners interested in making a purchase.
  • It describes the authors hope for the listeners to enjoy, share, and support.

The song description also is a place for details and links relating to the author and copyright owner.

This is useful information to add so when and if your listeners reach out to chop it up, they will be able to find the author and copyright owners links easily right in the song description.

Let’s say the song being described is up for a non-exclusive license on the authors website the song description is the perfect place to add that link so qualified licensees can take prompt action.

Make sure to do this because it can become a fantastic way to stir up interest and website traffic.

The Song Description Adds Incentives to Make Informed Decisions

Song descriptions that can convey the above-mentioned information give the reader extra incentive to make an informed decision to listen or not to listen. Which is okay because it is still a free country.

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