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Infinite Intelligence

Are creative people inspired by having access to some quantity of knowledge? Our family kinesiologist thinks so. For the scope of this short paper quantity of knowledge will be referred to as infinite intelligence.

Common sense and shared experience are gateways for creative people to access infinite intelligence. It is reasonable to assert that creativity is the output of an encounter with infinite intelligence. Esoteric hogwash we don’t say. Biological embodied shared experience grants us unlimited access to infinite intelligence whenever we please with our minds.

Years of experience with creativity and imagination support they are the works of infinite intelligence that has yet to be automated, replicated, or predictively measured. Perhaps these engagements are fleeting glimpses of our origins, destinations, and pleasures secus viam. We are prepared to remain alert because we just don’t have all the answers covered. There is much left to be realized in creative spaces we have yet to discover. This paper is not an attempt to quantify inspiration nor creativity, bummer.

Moreover it is our choice to decide to be responsive when we engage inspiration and creativity. For purposes of this paper it is to be understood that infinite intelligence is present when we encounter inspiration and creativity in the land of the living. The spacetime we occupy is propitious. We are born with everything we need in our right minds to creatively experience miracles in the flesh.

Sacred Spacetime

Nickolas Pappas in his volume Plato’s Aesthetics comments, “The cause behind inspiration is unimpeachable, for it begins in the divine realm” (Pappas, 2008, s. 4). If this is true then our inspirational and creative works occupy sacred spacetime. Nickolas Pappas then shares, “Inspiration now additionally means that poets are irrational, as it never meant before Plato” (Pappas, 2008. s. 3). Some of our ancestors believed creative people not only poets were possessed outside of their right mind. The moment we are open to receive inspiration from infinite intelligence the frames of our thinking undergo transfiguration.

Creativity and inspiration manifest auspiciously emerging with proper provision and subtle mystique in our daily encounters with our experiences. Sacred labors in our mind forge pathways through the profane towards many beautiful experiences. Often in sequences of nanoseconds. Infinite intelligence fills our mind like an energy necessary to bring forth reality from our dream worlds.

It takes time for positive thoughts to resonate in our mind reckoned. Living is far from logical and even more distant from reasonable. It is creatively activating and that is a boon. In the brief moment it takes to read this paper removed from chasing after the wind we have encountered infinite intelligence.

We are grateful to be here to grow and increase everyday. Sharing a little information that brings forth a more thoughtful and beautiful worth while shared experience.


Pappas, Nickolas, “Plato’s Aesthetics”, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Fall 2017 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), https://plato.stanford.edu/archives/fall2017/entries/plato-aesthetics/

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