How To Optimize Your Domain For Google Search

As an artist or producer whose personal page is loading under a custom website domain, you’ll want to take the necessary steps to insure that it ranks favorably in Google search results. The objective is to optimize your domain for the first page of Google search!

This is important because it will be a means of driving quality traffic to your website. You want to make sure that your audience can find your page with ease.

This is the time to focus your attention on your websites SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is a useful approach, it’s not expensive and is an effective method used by all types of businesses to drive high quality traffic to their websites.

For artists and producers, it’s a perfect means to grow an engaging audience, keeping them informed about your projects, and allowing a deeper dive into your creative expression.

Optimizing your website to rank in Google search isn’t as difficult as it use to be, you can with out a doubt optimize your custom domain for Google search and make their algorithms work on your behalf!

Let’s begin with a simple question.

Is It Necessary For Your Domain To Be Optimized For Google Search?

This is a smart question to be asking once your website is up and running. You might be concerned about if getting someone else to optimize your website for Google search is a good idea or not.

It’s okay to be upfront and want to know for yourself about these kind of decisions as they relate to how to optimize your website for Google search.

Many artists and producers are thankful, it’s so much easier to optimize for Google search now than before. In my opinion, it’s smarter for artists and producers to do their own search engine optimization because it’s an other way to tap into your creative expression. As mentioned, you want your domain to rank on the first page of Google search to be easily discovered.

If you’re creative enough to have a website domain, then you have everything you need to come up with strong SEO that drives in optimal traffic.

By applying some of your creative expression and putting that towards your SEO, optimizing your domain for Google search will be a breeze.

There was a time I spent years avoiding and overthinking SEO for my own domains. (some of you might be in a similar headspace right now if you’re reading this)

Three questions: Why would anybody do that when it’s easy? How will putting off optimizing for Google search affect your domain? What are you going to do about it to achieve your goal of appearing favorably in Google search?

Now, I am thrilled that I took the time to learn how to optimize my domains for Google search and encourage you to learn for yourself  because if you don’t, your domains more than likely wont be discovered  by your ideal audience. It will be as if on Google search, your website doesn’t exist.

Showing Up In Google Search Is The Way To Go, Optimization Is Useful

Taking time to dream up, analyze, and put together a group of keywords and phrases you want to rank for is worth doing. This list doesn’t have to be extensive, however it can be. Listing your domain/brand name and a variety of terms that represent it accurately is a great place to start.

Your creative expression paired with a little research will make Google search easy for you! Use it.

Having your domain on a platform that is already SEO friendly will make the process easier on you. Optimizing your domain allows you to develop authority with Google search and your audience. Keep in mind that the optimization of your domain may not happen right away, be patient and exercise trial and error to learn what works and what doesn’t work for domain.

In this moment optimizing for google search may seem like a waste of time, however I believe you can optimize your domain to rank favorably in Google search if you are dedicated to putting out useful content on your domain that is relevant to the audience searching for what you posting!

Make sure your custom domain is set up to meet at the standards of HTTPS. Not having the lock by your domain name in search browsers indicates to Google search that your site is not secure. Having a secured site is an other way to build authority and trust with audiences and search engines.

Take the extra steps to optimize your domain content by adding custom title tags and meta descriptions for every page on your domain.

Skipping this is costly because search engines are not people and they retrieve important information about your content and website from these tags and descriptions. Having 300 words or more of text content on every page also help boost your sites ranking in Google search.

This is only a theory of mine but I thinking adding videos to your pages will also help. I’ve noticed Google search is beginning to put YouTube videos over links to pages that only have text.

I know this is a lot. Be encouraged and don’t get overwhelmed. Optimizing your domain for Google search is something you take one day at at time. I wouldn’t advise you to try and get familiar with everything about optimizing your domain for Google search at once. Just identifying the some of the more important parts like H1, H2, and H3 tags.

Keep in mind search engines are not people so they do not understand relevancy the way people do. The tags are there for the algorithm to crawl and thus gathering necessary information about what your domain is about.

If you find yourself put off like I used to be about optimizing my domains for Google search, once you want to give up, take a step back and half smile and say: “even mathematicians know formulas cant feel!

Take this as motivation because it means, that if you can feel you can optimize you domain and content in a creative way other people will feel. Even if in the beginning its only a few people!

Thanks a ton for reading. I hope this helps you. Much’love respect and peace’in.

Justin David (Founder & CEO)

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