How To Improve All Of Your Song Descriptions

Effective song descriptions are a good way to share more information before or after a listener hears your song or watches your video. Even after multiple times!

I have written hundreds of song descriptions revising them over time during my creative adventure.

Now our song descriptions are stronger than ever. We’ve learned from other people plus our experience how to make them even more effective .

Writing effective song descriptions aren’t always easy as a walk to the lake, I know.

But I’ll tell you that if you’re willing to do the work, you can absolutely get your song descriptions written and make them work in your favor moving forward!

Let’s begin with a simple question.

Is It Normal For Creatives To Write Their Own Song Descriptions?

This is a relevant question to be asking after coming up with a song. You might be wondering whether getting someone else to write your descriptions will be perceived as “inauthentic” or “a waste of time” by your listeners or critics.

There might be resistance and hesitation around an important decision like writing your own song descriptions. And it’s smart and okay to be open to it all.

However in my opinion, it’s very common for creators to write their own song descriptions after creating a song. As mentioned, I have written multiple song descriptions and I’ve seen many other creators across ecosystems over time start doing the same in the online creative community.

And I did so, even after spending years going through the challenging emotional stages after creating a song. (some of which you might be experiencing first hand right now)

The question is really more about what you want. Do you want to write your own effective song descriptions? Are you dedicated to work for it and do things that help you in the long run?

I am really happy that I took the time to learn how to write effective song descriptions and tried it for myself because if I hadn’t, my songs wouldn’t have the descriptions they have today. For real, this post wouldn’t even exist.

Your Song Descriptions Can Be Effective, By Recognizing What’s Important

If you’ve previously been writing your own songs for months or years, by now you know them. You have a better understanding of your creative patterns, styles, and strengths, due to all of the time you’ve spent being creative.

Your past experience writing songs is important! Appreciate it.

Even though writing effective song descriptions seems extremely hard for creators, many keep deciding to give it another go because you know how important they are. Writing song descriptions allows you to develop a trust between you and your listeners. Although the descriptions doesn’t always come right away, I hope you see the bright light down the road.

Right now you may not know how, but I believe you can write effective song titles if you are intentional about spending time identifying what’s important about your song!

Effective Song Descriptions can be difficult to write, however you need to do whatever you can to be clear on what your song is about! Talk about the best lyric, write them down, keep track and identify the top 6 lyrics that made your song stand out.

Only identify the best lyrics for now! Work on this after you record your song.

Write down what 3 things make you want to not listen and the 3 things that drive you to want to play your song on repeate.

By paying attention to the details of your song you will become so much more comfortable writing effective song descriptions.

Which will result in resolving your song description pain once you really take some time identifying what you are describing and why. Don’t rush through this part take your time!

There is no need for you to get overwhelmed and try to write all of your song descriptions right away, just identifying the most important songs in your catalog will already be a big step towards improvement.

When you find yourself facing a challenge about one of your song descriptions not conveying what you want, once you realized it, you can take that time to half smile: “Oh what do we have here, I’m frustrated about the song description. Again!

It will be encouraging because it means, that if you resolved even one of your less effective song descriptions in your catalog before, you are prepared to make the necessary adjustments already!

Thanks a ton for reading. I hope this helps you. Much’love respect and peace’in.

Justin David (Founder & CEO)

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