How To Choose A Custom Website Domain Name

Choosing a custom website domain name is an excellent way to be on your way to Your Music Website Taking Form!

Before you start thinking about designs, pages, and content including your music, it is important that you choose the custom website domain address.

Having a custom website domain name is virtually owning a piece of digital real estate on the Internet for your music and your brand.

A custom website domain name is a good point of reference for your audience to become familiar with your brand, products, and services. Especially if you’re just getting started!

Coming up with a custom domain isn’t always easy so be mindful and really consider what you want to choose.

Just know with a positive mental attitude and a little creativity, you can absolutely come up with custom website domain of your own!

Let’s begin with a simple question.

Is It Okay For Creatives To Choose Their Own Custom Website Domain Name?

This is a necessary question to be asking when you are preparing to launch your websites digital initiative.

You may have concerns whether getting someone else to come up with your custom website domain name will cost you a “fortune” or “be too much work” to do all by yourself.

It is totally natural to have reservations and apprehensions around such an important move like choosing your own custom website domain name.

It’s reasonable and smart to be willing to consider how you choose to proceed.

I have created multiple custom domain names for websites I’ve built over time during my journey as a creative man on the internet.

Some of these websites grew and some did not not fair to well. I’ve learned from this experience being mindful of the name you choose is important.

Now there are a variety of custom domains on the internet, registering a ‘’.com’’ is still relevant.

The goal is for you to find yourbrandname.com, now if it’s already registered, then you can be creative and try yourbigbrandname.com, or yournewbrandname.com.

Replace the above examples with what you want your custom website domain address to be.

In my experience, it makes sense for you to choose your own custom website domain name. As mentioned, I have built multiple websites with custom domains and I’ve seen many other people on the internet take the time to come up with their own website domain names as well.

And I did so, even after spending so much time and energy going through the challenging set backs of wanting to own my own platform. (some of which you may be going through first hand right now)

The question is really more about what you want. Do you want a custom website domain name? Are you interested in owning your own website that can help you now and down the line?

I am thankful that I took the time to learn how to choose a custom website domain name and did it for myself because if I hadn’t, my brand wouldn’t have the authority that it has right now. Literally, this site wouldn’t even exist.

Your Domain Name Can Be Useful, To Help You Grow

If you already have a website built but want a new domain name, its fine to keep that. You can point your current site to your new music custom domain using the DNS features available through your website host.

A benefit of owning a custom domain is you will also be able to create a custom email address with your domain name. This adds cohesion to your brands digital footprint and initiatives.

Your interest in owning your own custom domain is necessary! Do it.

Even though coming up with a custom website domain is a big step for creators, many are so happy they do it because you know how important it is to have your brand present online.

Custom website domains allows you to establish a solid relationship between you and your audience. Although the domain name doesn’t always come right away, I believe you will see the benefits of owning one and make it happen.

At this moment you may not know how to do it, but I believe after reading this you will have a deeper understanding of why owning a custom website domain is a good choice for you to make. Take this time to identify what’s important about your brand!

Custom website domain names can be difficult to come up with, however you need to do whatever you can to be clear on what you want your domain name be! Focus on your niche, write down key words, keep track and identify 6 words that make your brand stand out.

Only identify the most relevant words that describe your brand for now! Work on this before you start trying to design and launch your website.

Write down what 3 names that you feel represent your brand then write down 3 names that you don’t feel represent your brand. 

By identifying what you want your website to be about you will be in a position of strength to come up with your custom website domain name.

This will lead to you discovering the best domain name that heals the pain of not knowing what to choose to bring you the best results. There is no need to rush the this process!

There is no need for you to get overwhelmed and try to come up with your website domain name right on the fly, just identifying the most relevant aspects of your brand will pay off tremendously.

If you feel yourself facing a set back about you custom website domain name not representing your brand right, once you know this, look at this as an opportunity to be thankful: “Let me find out, I’m running in circles about the choose for a website domain name. Lord have mercy!

Be encouraged because this means, that if you recognize what you don’t want your custom website domain name to be you are that much closer to discovering what you do want it to be. All you have to do is be willing to never give up and make the necessary correction to get the outcome you desire. A custom website domain name you can be proud of!

Thanks a ton for reading. I hope this helps you. Much’love respect and peace’in.

Justin David (Founder & CEO)

Creative man • Philosopher • Artist • Educator • More of my links here letstalkbeats.com/links

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