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How to Record Music at Home in 5 Simple Steps

Recording music at home has become increasingly accessible in recent years, thanks to advancements in technology and affordable equipment!
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How to Plan For Music Production at Home in 6 Simple Steps

Planning for music production doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. Below are six steps for planning music production at home.

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How To Optimize Your Domain For Google Search

As an artist or producer whose personal page is loading under a custom website domain, you’ll want to take the necessary steps to insure that it ranks favorably in Google search results. The objective is to optimize your domain for the first page of Google search! Read More

How To Choose A Custom Website Domain Name

Choosing a custom website domain name is an excellent way to be on your way to Your Music Website Taking Form!
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How To Improve All Of Your Song Descriptions

Effective song descriptions are a good way to share more information before or after a listener hears your song or watches your video. Even after multiple times! Read More

Simple Introduction On Song Copyrights

Let’s talk about what is a song copyright.

Copyright law is powerful. According to Richard Stim an attorney who specializes in intellectual property law.

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Exploring Creative Tensions Between Plato And Nietzsche

Art Through Devine Inspiration

Plato believed poets did not create by skill in art but through divine inspiration. Technique and understanding had no control over divine inspiration.

What a poet was able to do was only through manifestation of a god taking over their minds.

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The Harmony of the Plants From Garden to Studio

Returning to the Garden

Today when I was at the community garden watering a stunning five foot tall collard green plant and a variety of other plants (that have all been played Arden Lofi’s philosophicalofi a time or two yielding fascinating results).

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Infinite Inspiration & Creativity On Audio

Infinite Intelligence

Are creative people inspired by having access to some quantity of knowledge? Our family kinesiologist thinks so. For the scope of this short paper quantity of knowledge will be referred to as infinite intelligence.

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Hyper Criticism On Audio | Is It That Serious

Hyper Critical External Variables

Producers take ourselves so serious, sometimes we take hyper critical external variables just as seriously. This is fascinating in our rapidly transforming experience as we better adapt to music in the internet era.

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