Depth’Over’Death | 10 Bars | @rareformdome

Jul 29, 2020 by jdthepublisher - 0 Comments

Thanks a ton for stopping by insight is welcome . let’s get busy . 

It takes less than two ideas to digress .

Foie gras all of the lies man digests .

Zone out inna trace takes about nine breaths .

Look Pythia we’ve mastered the Delphi five steps .

Mind shaping stimuli have you tried it yet ?

Souls up for grabs deaths kind of bet .

Drinking tea from India out of great grandmothers china set .

Low bpm angst in a form of threat .

Love left the nest to fly into a tiger’s chest .

Say that’s horrible or say death is death .

– rareformdomeness 

. peace in .

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