Came’To’Play | 10 Bars | @rareformdome

Oct 21, 2020 by jdthepublisher - 0 Comments

Thanks a ton for stopping by insight welcomed, let’s get busy check it…

written very early may you have a great stay .
The Most High never Lies . he makes the way .

rareform all in the game . he came to play .
On his purpose . yeah get there no delays .

activated roll’n j’s . html get’n set ablaze .
Remove all ya troops like Rutherford B Hayes .

basil’n’sage 6ft collard greens love the sun rays .
off top lovey the way dymesecta paraphrase .

wack emcees know not to cross the barricade .
that’s enough for now dyme’out in aerospace .

– rareform

. peace in .

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