An Open’Sore | 16 Bars

Oct 15, 2020 by jdthepublisher - 0 Comments

Thanks a ton for stopping by insight welcomed, let’s get busy check it…

if all is fair in love’n’war .
then even when it’s time to leave .
lovey you’ll just love me more .

rub’n alcohol on an open’sore .
Des Moines much respect .
gold capitals no underscores .

pack mah’bags then im out door .
soon as they start print’n visa .
rare head’n to bangalore .

philosophica rap tunes no metaphors .
rare opportunities dymesecta step’n towards .
write off beat . no clicks and metal forks .

furnished pent houses on the seventh floor .
urban views tornado sirens on’da reservoirs .

about three streets up from where
them youngsters walk dazed’n’lost .


. peace in .

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