American Rue Anemone – 32 Bars

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Thanks a ton for stoping by insight welcomed, let’s get busy check it…

A virus is spread’n so sick use’n Lysol for eau de cologne .
Humbly unknown busy in the states to Sierra Leone .

Full blown dynamic range shapes form alluvial cones .
Since jump rare been gone navigating flesh and bone .

Coordinate words onna screen fresh American rue anemone.
Grow’n compassion for modern impoverished homes .

Crack’n the Rosetta stone or kick flows on our littoral zone .
Hunt’n season whom seek’n the throne will be overthrown .

Glass narratives shatter delivered on crystal microphones .
Script’n in baritones nothing like Luke cage or Jessica jones .

With a lovey paint’n her goose bump body inna lady smock .
Additions to the plot hands on the boiler while its pipe’n hot .

Rareform no dope moves it’s similar to sober Hancock .
Don’t add to the water spilt if yeen can’t handle the mop .

A few short tocs away from a cuckoo nest tick’n nonstop .
Like it or not sh*t sherlock bodies rot into cosmic slop .

Cut da rope a little so kid with no legs can skip and hop .
Stumble’n blocks don’t gotta be their Pops give em a shot .

Show em purple-red flowers grow at California four o’clock .
Liquid concrete sink hole aquifer spacetime sands watch .

A crooked crop tampers with doors locked for a snapshot .
So underground rare can be found with sedimentary rock .

Keyboard producer emcee big up Johann Sebastian Bach .
Silver Surfer spacewalk’n galaxies destroy’n warlocks .

Analyzing stocks, the wage setter play’n Chinese checkers .
If Jack Kirby made a character of me… Rareform of Letters .

Apply’n pressure stay’n up late watch’n westerns .
First issue in a series of strict meaningless endeavors .

Lost in a squeeze like yeah who better this sh*t wasn’t clever .
Show’n low frequency social iqs way beyond hullabaloo .

fools FOOLS! get’n Philips screwed fall’n outda groove .
Setbacks are new start’n points that’s just how rare moves .

– rareformd

. peace in .

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